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Age: 16, Female, Multi-Racial; Child ID: C1769
A'Laisha is a 16-year-old girl who is friendly and able to talk to others easily.  A'Laisha is a girly girl and enjoys fashion and getting her hair and nails done.  She can be helpful a...
Age: 16, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1346
Chrissiya is one energetic teenager! She has a lot of hobbies which keep her busy all the time. It’s easy to figure out that gym is Chrissiya’s favorite part of school when you see her ...
Age: 5, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1902
Sparkle and spunk, Andrew is full of sweetness.  Andrew has astonished his medical team, breezing past the limitations his doctors set for him - Andrew truly finds joy in learning new ...
Age: 12, Male, Multi-Racial; Child ID: C1824
Jaden is a very active boy. He likes playing football, enjoys swimming at waterparks, visiting the zoo, going to a science museum, playing with Lego blocks and Nerf toy gun. Jaden does well in scho...
Age: 19, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1296
Selena is an intelligent and gifted young woman. She very much enjoys being at school and going to her science class—Selena says the experiments are the most exciting part of her day. Her pro...
Age: 18, Male, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1843
Tyreek is a healthy 17 year old boy who is developmentally on target.  Tyreek enjoys being on the go and getting involved in activites outside of the home.  He is independent and has a ch...
Age: 14, Male, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1813
Funny, respectful, and caring are the best three words to describe Lewi. He enjoys electronics and the library. Lewi is very respectful. He opens the door for others. He likes to learn and does wel...
Age: 17, Female, Other; Child ID: C1715
Turquoise is a very smart teenager. She loves to talk on her phone, she is very technology savvy, she enjoys going for walks and playing basketball. Turquoise has a strong personality and is above ...
Age: 11, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1973
Zach might be small in size, but he is mighty in personality! In his free time, Zach likes to stay busy playing Minecraft, putting together puzzles, swimming and playing Candyland. He loves science...
Age: 18, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1097
CJ is an active and thoughtful teen with a wonderful smile when he allows you to see it. He has a good sense of humor. Charles has no difficulty with making friends and he has empathy for othe...
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