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Gabriel, Trinity, Lilliana, Dylan & Alexandra
Sibling Group (5); Group ID: G360
Gabriel (a.k.a. "Gabe") is an intelligent, mechanically-inclined tween who loves to investigate how things work, deconstruct and reconstruct them. He can follow directions to put together very co...
Age: 15, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1713
Elizza is a young teen who hopes to find an adoptive home.  Elizza has a beautiful singing voice and she loves music.  Elizza also loves animals and hopes to live on a farm someday. ...
Age: 15, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C2048
Austin is a sweet, creative and smart 15-year-old boy who is looking for his forever family. Austin loves animals. He enjoys being outside, going to amusement parks, watching the Cleveland Cavalier...
Age: 17, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1363
Justin is a pleasant and active boy.  He has blonde hair and a nice smile.  Justin enjoys activities like playing video games, (DS &/tablet), watching movies, putting together puzzles...
Age: 13, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1969
Shelby is originally from the Congo and moved to the United States in 2009. Shelby is a soft-spoken young lady who is excited about being adopted and looks forward to meeting her forever family as ...
Age: 17, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1541
Holly is a talkative, bright, and active 14-year-old who loves music.   She plays the flute and is in the middle school band.  She makes friends easily and enjoys hanging out with th...
Age: 16, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1936
Tyler is a very handsome young man who has made a lot of positive growth and maturation. He has always been very interested in sports and participates on multiple athletic teams at school. Tyler ta...
Age: 19, Female, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C752
This intelligent and courteous young lady says she would like to be a police officer when she grows up. Breuana is an energetic, sweet, and eager g...
Age: 17, Male, Multi-Racial; Child ID: C1658
Carl is an amazing teenager. He likes basketball, video games and music. Carl plays the guitar (self-taught) and sings. He is a good artist and performs many card tricks. Carl is pleasant to be aro...
Age: 16, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1653
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