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Age: 15, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1822
Brooke is a very smart, engaging, athletic, and personable 14-year-old girl. She is very friendly, helpful, and is fun to be around. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys participating in activ...
Age: 18, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C76
Leahanna is a 16 year old girl, who enjoys singing, dancing, shopping, and listening to music.    She has a very creative imagination and enjoys drawing and coloring.    
Age: 17, Male, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C1579
James is a very good student. He receives As & Bs in most of his classes. James’ favorite subject is Social Studies and he loves history. He plays the drums in the marching and concert ba...
Age: 16, Male, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C294
LequanBirthdate: December 2001 Lequan can melt your heart with his many hugs and mega watt smiles. He is a boy that is happiest outside – he loves to play bas...
Age: 17, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1990
Evelynn is a compassionate young lady who is need of a forever home.  Evelynn likes to read, watch movies, go out to eat, hang out with friends, and shop.  Evelynn loves anything associat...
Age: 16, Female, Multi-Racial; Child ID: C1274
Meet Skyla! She is an active 12 year old full of personality. Skyla states that she loves a variety of music: R&B, Country and Hip-Hop. Skyla also likes to journal and color. Skyla is very acti...
Age: 17, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1219
Roscoe has a dynamic personality and is very bright.  He enjoys spending time outdoors, being physically active and has the heart of an adventurer.  He is also quite creative and artistic...
Age: 17, Male, Black/African Descent; Child ID: C249
Tobias is an energetic boy who is described as polite and mannerly. He is shy initially but warms up quickly. Tobias has boundary issues and likes to give hugs often. Tobias will do anything for yo...
Age: 13, Male, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1857
Meet Noah! He is a smart, active and outgoing young man. He enjoys playing with Legos, video games and doing art projects. Noah also loves the outdoors and participates in activities such as swimmi...
Age: 17, Female, White/Caucasian; Child ID: C1349
Ashley is a compassionate, funny, intelligent young lady with a promising future ahead of her. She is an excellent student and was accepted into an International Baccalaureate Program when she ente...
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