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Personal Details
Child ID: C1613
Status: Active
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Olivia is a creative young girl, she likes to draw, she likes puzzles, and she enjoys doing word search, crossword puzzles and Legos. Olivia does well in school. Olivia is a great conversationalist she likes talking to adults. Olivia has good manners and can be respectful. Olivia would like a two parent family with one or two children in the home.


Desired Family

Olivia is interested in a family that will welcome her into their home and make her a permanent member of their family. She is seeking parents that will promote her growth and ensure that her needs are met, parents that are caring and actively involved in her life, and parents that will give unconditional love. She would love a family with one or two children in the home.