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Personal Details
Child ID: C1813
Status: Active
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Child Profile

Funny, respectful, and caring are the best three words to describe Lewi. He enjoys electronics and the library. Lewi is very respectful. He opens the door for others. He likes to learn and does well in school when he chooses to do well. He is highly intelligent in all areas but needs someone to encourage him to complete his work.

Lewi needs space. He is not a teenager that wants to have small talk. He will maintain his relationships at arm's length and will extend them when he feels safe to do so. Lewi will need a family that is patient and willing to adapt to his boundaries. He needs a home that will provide him love, structure, and discipline.

The family interested in placement of Lewi must be open to allowing his continued contact with those relationships from his past that have withstood the test of time.

If you have the energy and drive needed to help Lewi excel, we would love to hear from you!