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Personal Details
Child ID: C351
Status: Active
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Child Profile

Clayton is 11 years old and waiting for the right family!

Clayton is very intelligent, inquisitive and enjoys science.  He is always doing science experiments.  He recently won a Bronze Medal for his Science Project at school.   He also loves animals, tools and building things. 

He enjoys doing family activities with his foster family.  He has a very diverse array of interests and is extremely well behaved in the community during whatever activities or events in which he is participating.  He has attended fairs, political rallies, musical events and community activities with his foster parents.   He also has a great sense of humor. 

Clayton is able to express his issues with trust and the adoptive process.    He understands the adoptive process and that the agency is actively seeking permanent family for him.    

Clayton is in regular classes and has no known educational, physical or developmental delays.

Clayton does not respond to rigid discipline, it causes him extreme anxiety which results in defiant and acting out behaviors.  Clayton’s current foster parents utilize Love and Logic parenting styles.  When Clayton uses ultimate testing behaviors, such as refusing behaviors or oppositional behaviors, the foster parents use patience and non-blaming responses to these behaviors.  He has responded very well to this type of discipline and his testing behaviors and anxiety have decreased as a result.  A slow transition with visitation is going to be the key to a successful adoptive placement.