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Personal Details
Child ID: C517
Status: Active
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black/African Descent

Child Profile

This talented player is successful on and off the court. Jer’Recco is a strong and active young man, who loves basketball and enjoys playing on his school’s team and at the recreation center. In fact, Jer’Recco is so good at basketball, he was the point guard on his high school’s varsity team as a freshman! He is going to be a sophomore this year and says he can’t wait to try out for the team again. When it is not basketball season, Jer’Recco also enjoys playing football. J

er’Recco describes himself as outgoing and friendly. He enjoys watching comedies and has a great sense of humor. He helps around the house, especially when it’s time to bring in the groceries.

When it comes to a family, Jer’Recco knows what he wants- a strong bond and good communication. He says he is looking for a loving, caring and supportive family. Since sports are important to Jer’Recco, a family that likes to stay involved would mean a great deal to him.

Check out Jerreco's video to learn more about him.