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Adoption Subsidies

Adoption subsidies can help make permanent homes possible for children with special needs. In the past, children with special needs were often labeled as "unadoptable" and remained in foster care for a long time.

In 1980, the federal Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act was passed to encourage and assist families in adopting foster children with special needs. This law provided for subsidies and medical assistance for support and care of children with special needs, defined as circumstances that may prevent or delay a child from being placed into a foster home.

There are two categories of adoption subsidies:  Federal Adoption Assisantance (Title IV-E), and the Ohio Adoption Subsidy.  In Ohio, these programs are administered through the county public children services agencies (PCSAs), Children Services Boards, or county departments of job and family services.  

Both the federal and the State subsidy program have the same purpose:  to support and maintain adoptions of children with special needs before and after adoption finalization.  The eligiblity criteria and process for application may differ between the programs, however.  Detailed information on adoption subsidies in Ohio may be found on the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services website by clicking here:    http://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/forms/interfind.asp?formnum=01985.